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Originally Posted by VisualEcho View Post
Originally Posted by Kuervers View Post
why would you want such a short tire ?
285/35 fit
Because I want the front and rear to match more closely. Look at the photo's above, it's clear that the 295's shoulder is more square (compared to the front), and the sidewall is more meaty (compared to the front). The 285/30 corrects both issues, but isn't available in a PS4S.

You can clearly see it in the numbers here:

F: 265/30/19 - TW 9.6, OD 25.3
R: 295/30/19 - TW 11, OD 26
R: 285/30/19 - TW 10.3, OD 25.8

285/35 is completely the wrong size for a 265/30 front because the OD is 26.9 whereas the front is 25.3.

Stock OD difference is .5 front to rear, and your 285/35 would produce 1.5" difference front to rear.

If you want to run 35's, do it front and rear.
yep 255/26535 F and 285/35 rear