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You'll likely be ok with those mods but you are pushing the limits of the fuel system. One flake out of the fuel pump under extreme load could cause a major knock event that could take out a piston or hit the piston so hard that it hammers the rod right through the oil film of the rod bearing and then you spin a bearing.

If hearing this makes you nervous, then tuning and modding may not be for you. Sure, lots of us run way more power than stock, but plenty of turbo BMW motors have died early lives stock, lightly modded, heavily modded, etc. There are risks to modding and driving hard.

Don't trust anyone that says it will be fine assuming your tune is perfect unless they're backing that up with a warranty. The burden of proof is on you. They have many outs in the event of a failure. BMW will very likely deny warranty coverage too if something fails. You are pushing the motor outside its design limits and safeguard thresholds.

If you do tune, definitely run the highest octane you can and preferably stick to a 91 octane tune even if you're running 93 or higher. Watch your oil levels and change it regularly. I've done used oil analysis three times now and BMW 0w30 is done by about 5000 miles before it starts falling out of it's viscosity range.