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Originally Posted by VisualEcho View Post
If you're going custom turbo, then yeah, custom tune. My comments were about a largely stock car, save for the IC, DP, and gas.

But it's usually not. No one wastes money on a custom tune that they can get with an OTS tune unless they are doing non-standard mods, or want to wring the most power out of the car.

I think we can agree to disagree here, as I agree that a custom tune can be just as safe as an OTS tune (or safer), it's just that it's usually not. The whole reason the companies that make OTS tunes are in business is because of how safe their tunes usually are.
You can have one of several different performance cats or open down pipe and use the same OTS tune. You can have a myriad of different intercoolers and flow rates and use the same OTS tune. You can have a stock exhaust or a muffler delete and use the same OTS tune. Same with intakes. I don't subscribe to the one tune fits all school of thought. I also don't think that people only get custom tunes to extract the last bit of power out of their engine. I wouldn't even if I had a stock turbo.