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It's the initial start up (not to be confused with idle revs)
How is that different from cold start? I read it opens the valves on startup in all modes. If so, then gts roar will do nothing for ppl with MPE or other aftermarket exhausts.
I'll try to explain but might be hard over text.

Think of it as two "phases"

The initial ignition start
And then the idle rpm after all cylinders are ignited.

The ignition itself is set to briefly hit a higher rpm and "roar" and then drop to the idle rpm

The initial ignition start is what is being modified here. If you've noticed on stock then, when the engine is cold the ignition isn't very loud but the idle RPM is pretty high and loud

When the car is warm, you usually hear a much more thunderous ignition whereas the idle rpm is much lower and the car is quiet while idling
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