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What part of Central Florida? and yea BMW told me that my car would leave Bremerhaven 10/8 and arrive in Brunswick 10/25 but I believe that storm that hit the Atlantic delayed all the boats traveling back to Germany From the US as the boat my car was on ended up leaving Bremerhaven on 10/17 with an estimated arrival in Baltimore on 10/30. Hoping to have her at Fields South by 11/10-11/15.

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Yes - tracking my M2C's voyage home is probably the most aggravating part of the ED experience.

Dropped off our M2C at the Munich Airport loginout on 9/11. I was told that my car left Bremerhaven on 9/27 on the Victoria Highway and that it would arrive in Brunswick on 10/15. After some online research (sites like and I was able to determine that the Victoria Highway didn't arrive in Bremerhaven until 10/3 and that it hit an obstruction coming into port! It left the port a few days later after some repair work.

When I questioned the data provided by I was initially told that there was no mistake. Then after sending proof that the ship in question was not in port on the alleged departure date I received an update showing an 11/20 arrival date and later it was modified to 11/25.

My online tracking shows that the ship should arrive in Brunswick tomorrow!

So I'm hoping to get notification from BMW in the next 10 days to schedule pickup at the Performance Center in SC.

I believe that BMW needs to do a better job of communicating with us owners during the return process. I also think that the shipping companies aren't giving BMW reliable information about the transport.

The BMW ED is a first class experience from the moment you order the car up to the one where you drop it off. Not so much for the last several weeks awaiting re-delivery!