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Do the Nogaros have a lower pass through for a 6 point harness? The MFR description talks about the shoulder strap pass throughs for a 4 point harness, but it isn’t clear whether they’ve gone all the way with the “Circuit" version and also added a pass through for the sub straps.

I found a few photos showing 6 points installed, but I’m curious if folks are modifying the seats to accommodate the sub-straps, or if they’re designed to be compatible.

Also, what’s the fit like on these seats? Room for a larger/heavier driver? Shoulder pass through holes high enough for a tall driver? I’m 6’2" and 40" waist. Most of my height is in my torso. We don’t have a local stocking seller anymore that I can find, so I’d have to order blind if I went with them.

For reference, my other half just put Recaro Sportsters, 1/2 cage, 6 point harnesses in her 718 Cayman. I’ll probably go that route at some point if the Nogaros aren’t suitable. I find the Sportsters comfortable, and have Sparco REVII for my other car where 3 point compatibility isn’t a consideration.