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Don't be surprised!!

Originally Posted by somberlaine View Post
I know I was quoted 6-8 weeks, but i am curious to hear from East coast folks who did ED in late May/early June, when they are expecting their cars states side.

I will start

I did ED on 6/6/19. I dropped off the car on 6/14/19 at the Munich location. My car got on the Morning Cecilie on 6/24/19. Since it left Bremerhaven, the Morning Cecilie has been making various stops across Europe. Right now, it is in England. I am told it will hit Newark, NJ port on 7/9/19. Assuming all goes well at customs, i am hoping to get the car at the dealership the last week of July....the wait is killing me
I'm hoping my experience is NOT the norm...
Dropped my M2C off at Munich airport June 7th...
Was informed it was actually loaded on a ship July 7th. Expected arrival in Baltimore: July 26th. That was then updated to the 28th. Finally arrived July 30th.
Was told to expect vehicle at dealership about August 6th.
Called today and told vehicle just cleared customs and now goes to VPC.
Should be at dealership next week!!!!
Perfect. I'm out of the country from the 10th -15th. Hopefully If will be there then as I'm home for 2 days then leave again for 11days🙈🙀
Seems things have taken quite a bit longer than expected
Hopefully your experience will be better👍🏻