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Originally Posted by nicomadrid20 View Post
You're would make sense that it would still be on hold - jmh600cbr had to wait 12 days for his car to even show up at the port - I guess I should be happy if it does ship on the 6th. I wonder if it's been booked for shipping now...And then there are also weather-related delays in Dartmouth right now and with MPE ticked, I can easily see my car sitting in Halifax for another 2 weeks minimum. It'll all be worth it I'm sure though!!
Guess we did not make the "Glorious Leader". I will be "Aniara" Which left Savannah on Feb 4th due into Bremerhaven on the 12th.

By the way this is the M2 forum...not that this matters when we are on the same boat!

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