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Originally Posted by ZPrime View Post
There's also Harry's Laptimer, which can tie in to various OBD2 readers to pull much of the same data from the car. Don't know if OBD2 readers can pull oil temp or boost though, some of that stuff may only be available to the M-perf app.

Does the M Perf app allow you to use an external GPS source? The built-in GPS on a phone is generally not accurate enough to give you good laptimes at track speeds. You want a 5-10Hz external GPS source if you can get one.
Thanks for the option. I'm already invested in this so I want to try and make it work. Really the only improvement I would like is to log all Core Data, have it auto start and stop w/o me having to press the button each time and trigger the GoPro which it cannot b/c it is already on WiFi but w/an iPhone holder I can use the iPhone camera.

How do you hook an external GPS to an iPhone?

This is the response I received about the GPS and data analysis...
The M Performance Drive Analyser is using the GPS data from your smartphone.
The GPS data interval is 1 Hz, exactly the same as the GPS interval from your car.

By the way, a faster GPS data interval does not necessarily mean a better accuracy.
The app is using a GPS data interpolation algorithm that produces 5 GPS positions per second
using TrackDrive. TestDrive is using speed and rpm directly from your car so that the
accuracy is at 0.1 second.

You can export .csv files and send them to your email account by using the EXPORT button in the TrackDrive archive. These files can be used directly by RaceRender tools.
FYI...You can also use iTunes to export all of the data.

So yes it could be better but I was pretty amazed at how accurate the ax course render was and the phone was next to the shifter not on the dash.

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