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Originally Posted by omasou View Post
Still learning but based on my reading; all of the car sensors are continually broadcasting their values to the CAN network. If you have a device on the network, e.g. ODBII stick and program, you and read those values.

Just b/c there is a sensor (or calculated value) doesn't mean there is an iDrive UI that we can see

I had thought some markets can display an oil temperature gauge instead of the efficiency dynmics we have, in which case I'm surprised someone hasn't coded it on.

UPDATE: There must be an oil sensor in the M2. When I hooked up to the X5 the oil temperature gauge was not an option under Core Data.
yeah, I got Torque to work with my VGate 2 - but it be nice to have a simple gauge to monitor oil temp / pressure on the track...doubt the water temp gauge is anything more than a "dumb" gauge...just seems wrong for an M car to not have a physical (or digital) oil temp gauge