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Originally Posted by Driver37 View Post
It's for all cars.

Yes the M vehicles with adaptive suspension allow you to choose between comfort/sport/Sport + specifically for suspension.

But in non-M vehicles when you move the dynamic drive option from comfort to sport a few things change and the suspension is one of them.

You can feel the difference. I just Demo'd a client today in a 228 and let them feel the difference in between comfort and sport going over speed bumps and an aggressive hill climb course we have.

Also when changing the modes you can see the suspension illuminates as being altered as well.

Tomorrow I will post something more "official"

As that paragraph was from BMWUSA

Completely wrong I'm afraid.The M2 DOESN'T HAVE ADAPTIVE SUSPENSION.
The 228 and 235i might if it's been specified as an option.

I think you need to re-read the literature