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Originally Posted by Benzima View Post
Thanks for the Canadian info. For exhaust tips, you need to order 2 or 4?
4. If you want CF tips, yes you're looking at $4800 plus taxes. I almost fell over, myself and the parts girl sure had a good laugh.

Originally Posted by OrangeCrush View Post
Man, so if we want the exhaust with CF tips, we will have to purchase 4 tips @ $400 each on top of the 3k exhaust? WTF? And all this for no gain in power?

I wonder if there is a gain in power but BMW just doesn't claim it to be. I know, wishful thinking.
Gain would be minimal, an axle back doesn't really help flow from the turbo which is the real choke point. Larger piping, straighter piping and less muffler will still barely give much. I wouldn't expect more than about 20hp out of an Akra evolution kit. Maybe 5hp from the MPE, but that still might be a stretch. It's absolute robbery for the MPE. I almost had a heart attack when I spent $361 CDN for two pieces of plastic which is my front grilles.

For the price, I'd spend it in a better place like Akra, ArmyTrix, or even Dinan. At least with these guys you'll get some sort of gains.
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