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Originally Posted by Twix View Post
Got some Canadian prices today. Ordered the grilles and the gills.

Exhaust - $3020.xx
CF Tips - $445.xx ea
Ti Tips - $320.xx ea

Grilles - $190.xx ea
Gills - $92.xx ea

Rear diffuser - $1570.xx
Rear spoiler - $615.xx

I couldn't order the gill quite yet as they're not showing up in the ordering page, I got the grilles for $161 each because of my BMW club discount. I knew the MPE was going to be expensive, but that's almost Akra price for Walmart product. I didn't bother looking up the little side and front winglets. The warehouse has one MPE in stock, tips are always in stock (M3/4 parts).
Man, so if we want the exhaust with CF tips, we will have to purchase 4 tips @ $400 each on top of the 3k exhaust? WTF? And all this for no gain in power?

I wonder if there is a gain in power but BMW just doesn't claim it to be. I know, wishful thinking.