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Gonna go ahead and bump this thread...

So, I've always been a fan of the flatter key profiles / laptop keys. Shorter travel, less fatigue for lots of typing, never had an issue fat-fingering like some have. Haven't had a mechanical keyboard in about 20 years, and never saw the hype coworkers had for them - to me it was just an annoyance and more reason to expense some nice Bose QC35s (noise cancelling).

That being said, over the last couple years companies have come out with flatter, chiclet-style (or chiclet-esque) mechanical keyboards.

I was on a Razer Deathstalker for the last 3 years, and my new Logitech G915 arrived today.

Even though I got the "tactile" keys, it feels a bit....mushy compared to my Razer Deathstalker. I imagine I'll adjust quickly.

First impression :

1. Spent about 45 minutes playing around with configuration profiles. RGB lighting, etc. Had to download the new G hub software as the old gaming software was obselete.

2. H E A V Y B O I. Seriously, I could use this thing as a backup melee weapon for the zombie apocalypse. Description says machined from aluminum, feels like steel. Hefty and definitely not gonna go anywhere from shifting your hands while typing. I'm exaggerating for comedic effect but yeah, this thing is beefy. I went with the full keyboard including numpad rather than the TKL, so one thing I'll be changing here shortly is having just a mousepad vs a full desk keyboard + mousepad. Can't really shift this thing around as easily for swapping between laptop + desktop (work vs play).

3. Lightspeed + bluetooth connectivity is working great so far. Roughly 200 hours of battery life (and still charging) and can swap between PC desktop and Mac laptop with a tap. Media controls work with a webpage opened on Pandora so that's nice to have. Technically my Deathstalker had that too but it was an extra key combo rather than dedicated buttons so I barely used it. One-touch mute is good too for phone calls / meetings.

4. Overall getting used to typing on nicely even as I finish this post. Not overly loud / clicky to the point where it'll annoy me but still tactile enough for firm confirmation of typing, the mushiness is going away already though I'm experimenting with softer touches to see what I can get away with regarding activation points.