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Originally Posted by L e o View Post
Is it much louder and noticeable ? What are they like to change over - is it a pig of a job ?

A.T.B - Leo
Like the other folks here, I'd say that it is definitely noticeable, but if you are going with a high-flow cat like the FabSpeed Sport Cat (that's what I have), it is totally livable and definitely not chavvy. The nice thing about our car is that depending on the sport setting (i.e. comfort, sport, sport+, traction), you can make the car sound a variety of different ways from barely louder than stock (in comfort) to quite sporty with lots of lift-off burbles (in sport+ and traction). In terms of volume, if you like the sound of a Mustang GT, a high-flow cat would be just what you're looking for. Totally different sound characteristics though.

In terms of doing it yourself, I did it with my brother-in-law. I am not very experienced and had never done a job like this before. It took about 4 hours all together, taking my time. The biggest pain is getting your hands and wrench on the bolts as space is quite limited. I am very happy with the decision.