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Originally Posted by L e o View Post
Is it much louder and noticeable ? What are they like to change over - is it a pig of a job ?

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It's easy. About an hour or less job for a competent mechanic that hasn't done it before. Look up a guide to familiarize yourself, because im just going from memory... but it's essentially remove the stiffening plate, unbolt the downpipe bolts. Then go in from under the hood and unbolt any dp bolts you couldn't get to. While under the hood, disconnect the O2 sensor clips from the harness. It's much easier to unclip the O2 sensors from the harness and remove the sensors from the downpipe after it's out of the car. Then do everything in reverse to install the new dp. If you look up an install guide here, I did list the part numbers of everything that is recommended to be replaced during the install and then some. Stiffening plate bolts, downpipe clamps and gaskets, etc.

I upgraded mine after already having the MPE, and it was A LOT louder to the point where I was embarrassed of drawing too much attention until I got used to it. But I also felt the same after getting the M2 and driving with stock exhaust, then the same again after getting the MPE installed.

I daily drive with fabspeed dp, MPE with valves open, and BM3 with loud burbles, and I don't even notice how loud my car is anymore. That is, until I drive a quite car and it feels like a luxury car compared lol. Or if I put it in comfort mode and close the exhaust valves, it's super quite too. And now that time's past, and more pedestrians are used to seeing my car, it's very rare anyone comments on it or the exhaust noise.
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