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I think I gave people the wrong idea. My wife and I had a great time. I was just bitter at the fact that it took so long to 1) collect it in Europe and 2) the re-delivery here in the States. I openly prefaced my comments with the fact that I know that I was being a whinny b$;&ch.

However, I do feel that BMW dropped the ball on the whole release date thing from the start. For the longest time, everyone was under the impression that the official release date was going to be September 17 because that was the soonest ED date anyone here in the US could get, BUT then we started hearing of folks from Canada getting way earlier dates and then they even started to show up state side soon after. My car was completed by the end of July, but I wasn't able to collect it until September. That really sucked! All I was saying was that I could've just flown to Europe in July, rented a BMW, have the same amount of fun, and fly back home with my car waiting for me in August. Sure, it would've been more expensive, but I think it would've been worth it to have my car 3 months sooner and have that "glory" feeling of being one of the firsts to receive it in my region.

Next, the re-delivery process was also "painful" because it sat at the VPC for 3 weeks with the status of "open work order." It past customs very quickly, so it wasn't even that. Nobody could tell me anything as to what the delay was for. I couldn't help, but to worry that something bad had happened. This was just very frustrating for me because I know the delay wasn't due to the fact that the VPC was backed up or anything...because people collected their cars before me when their ships arrived after mine.

Anyway, it arrived to my dealership yesterday...finally, but then we had our first snow storm of the year. luck continues. So, I decided to leave my car there over night in hopes that today's road conditions are better...I think it will be.

I'm sure all my bitterness will fade away once I pick it up today.