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Originally Posted by nomoracin View Post
Zugspitze - Thank you for suggesting to contact Sabrina! Although, she no longer works there, I was able to find an alternate email (

Now, this is awfully coincidental, but a day after I contacted them, I received a text from my local service department saying that they received an alert that my car requires the 1200 mile service. So, I speculated that someone at the VPC finally turned on my car and it potentially has the capability to alert the dealership of the service. Then another day later (today), I get an email saying that my car has been released to trucking and is en route to the dealership.

It sure does feel like that when BMWEuropeanDelivery contacted the VPC to get my car moving along. I wish I knew about contacting them sooner! This is completely my fault though, as I will admit that I did NOT read my packet in detail and I actually threw it away in Europe.

Anyway, thanks again Zugspitze/chmura!

I hope my scenario can help other members with taking re-delivery of their cars sooner!

Edit: Of course today is the first day it's snowing too...salt and chemicals everywhere! Ahhhhhhhhhhh!
Glad to hear that. My car was delayed at the VPC for a software update (instrument cluster).