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Originally Posted by TRACK M4STER
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Sad, but hopefully the new head of design will have BMW move away from their conservatism and create more exciting looking models...
I remember 10 years ago with the ground breaking design of the E65 7-series and E60 5-series and loyalists were critical of the revolutionary flame surfacing of Chris Bangle. The "Bangle-butt" which has now been copied by many manufacturers has now been abandoned by BMW with a more evolutionary design but now BMW has now been met with "design too conservative, too boring, etc."

Can't win with you guys.
Provocative designs doesn't mean good designs. Chris bangle is a provocative designer with his flame surfacing and over the top shapes, which all can see, haven't aged very well. His influence was undeniable with other designers and resulted in the over styled far so we often see today (lots of complex shapes, sharp angles, character lines etc). Compare his designs to those of Paul Bracq and you can see who understood what the quintessential BMW look is. Mercedes have realised that simple design paired with beautiful detailing and proportions are the key to a great design. Their future cars will embody that philosophy that used to be BMW's...
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