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If the cybertruck deposit were $1000 there might be 25% of what "pre orders" they got. I can't believe people aren't seeing that for what it is, a PR stunt. The goofballs trying to justify Tesla sales numbers fail to mention their majority sales are model 3's which JUST fall in line with bottom of the barrel 2 series. I'm sure Honda sold some civics and accords you'd be interested in :
Funny as all the car firms put it inline with the BMW 3 Series.

But if you want to compare it to BMW 2 Series, no problem, as the 2 Series only sold 5k cars YTD through September giving the Tesla 3 over a 10:1 lead instead of 6.5:1.

And if you want to say BMW 2 Series with an average profit of $5000 per vehicle, that's $25,000,000 in Sales Profit of BMW 2 Series this year. 250,000 deposits of $100 = $25,000,000 as well.

Winner clearly is Tesla.

As for ricers, they have moved to used BMW 1/2/3/4 Series this Decade.
You missed the entire point. Their best selling car is equivalent to the bottom of the barrel 2 series. No one's saying their bottom of the barrel 2 series is going to sell more, it's just obvious the Tesla buyer is buying that low of a range car en masse versus their higher end offerings. Real shocker a cheaper car ends up selling more than the rest of the BMW range lol having been in numerous model 3, there's a reason it's a cheap EV. The thing sucks lol and that's the best selling model. But please keep humping this $100 deposit PR stunt. Shits funny