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I used the SEC filings, not that you would know how to do proper research.

Oh really? Who's twisting their words AGAIN in this thread.

Secondly, You are the one who is scared to compare the Companies, not me.

• I was not referring to you, so I won't comment on that further.
• I'm not twisting my words, if I said bmw did not refund deposits, you would have quoted it but you haven't...
•You can not compare. Every inch of a bmw (or any other top luxury brand) has had more thought put into it than any Tesla. Some have been transporting people for 100+ years. If you think a company can come in and learn in 10-15 years what those companies learned in 100 years, you would be wrong. Once everything is electric Tesla becomes just another brand. So please let's end this. And let the thread go back to normal
You can verify the numbers I posted through company filings. I used the graphics because they're easier to understand. The numbers are real, don't try to Fake News your way out of it.

I do this for a living, I wouldn't post graphical images that didn't represent reality.
He is just another flat earther who will deny realty for as long as people denied the Earth was round.

Meanwhile Tesla has created excitement in an Industry that has reached peak autos with everyone but the boomers - while BMW Car sales continue to hemorrhage.
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