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New to BMW! - 2018 M2 LCI 6MT Alpine White - Photo Overload

First off, what a great community, I've frequented the F87 forum over the past 6+ months. I hope that people will find this post helpful.

My search began several months ago, and I was specifically looking for used as I wanted something that had already significantly depreciated. I was on the hunt for a low mileage 2018 M2 LCI 6MT with MPE. The adaptive headlights / sunroof weren't must have options for me, and I wasn't set on color.

I'm in the Toronto area, and was searching nationally. I knew prices would begin to fall, and that dealerships would be more willing to negotiate after x-mas, and during the winter season. There were approximately 35 M2's for sale across Canada, and only 13 of those were 6MT, and of those, only 3 were equipped with MPE.

Part of my negotiating tactics, where not only on the vehicle, but on the maximum discount for M Performance exterior / interior add-ons as I was planning to purchase them regardless. First I determined which local dealership would give me the best price on parts. I was able to source 15% off list prices on I know that Sun Motors in the US is the best, but that isn't an option for us Canadians. Even if they were willing to ship, the brokerage / duty fees, plus taxes would kill me.

When it came to the parts only one dealership was willing to play ball, while the others werenít interested in deeply discounting the M Performance add-ons and wouldn't even beat 15% off list, even when factoring in the purchase of a vehicle. I even went as far as providing the actual parts quote I received as proof, and they still wouldn't budge.

I managed to negotiate 30% off list prices on for all parts with the vehicle purchase. I consider that a massive discount for Canadians, and probably for other parts around the globe. I also negotiated install of the exterior add-ons only, and was able to get a combo install discounted rate and didnít have to bother doing it myself, and because the add-ons are bundled with the sale of the vehicle, they'll carrier the same duration of warranty.

The vehicle was located approximately 8 hours from me; I had looked at flying down, and driving back, but figured it would simplify things by having the vehicle transported. The dealership already worked with two preferred auto transport companies, and was able to do it for half the cost at $450 CAD / $335 USD, and would make all the arrangements.

After some further negotiating on the vehicle, Iím now the proud owner of 2018 M2 LCI 6MT Alpine White.

The vehicle is in MINT condition, and has just under 10,000 KM's / 6,200 Miles

I paid $54,800 CAD / $41,000 USD (This does not include taxes or M Performance Parts)

Exterior Add-ons at 30% Off: (Dealer Installed)
M Performance Black Kidney Grille, Left
Part Number: 51-71-2-355-447

M2 M Performance Black Kidney Grille, Right
Part Number: 51-71-2-355-448

M Performance Gloss Black Side Gills - Left
Part Number: 51-71-2-407-179

M Performance Gloss Black Side Gills - Right
Part Number: 51-71-2-407-180

M Performance Carbon Fiber Rear Deck Spoiler
Part Number: 51-62-2-334-541

M Performance Carbon Fiber Diffuser
Part Number: 51-19-2-361-666

Interior Add-ons at 30% Off: (Self Installed)
M Performance Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel Trim
Part Number: 32302413480 - DIY Guide / How to to remove airbag

M Performance LCI Gearshift Knob w/boot & Handbrake Handle
Part Number: 51952420600 - How to remove handbrake

2 Series Coupe All Weather Floor Mats Front
Part Number: 51472210208

2 Series Coupe All Weather Floor Mats - Rear
Part Number: 51472297420

Other mods added after delivery

Exterior Mods:
M Performance 763m Replica Wheels (Excellent Quality / Finish)
Valve Caps
Carbonio Front Plate Mount

Interior Mods:
Red Start / Stop Button
M Performance Style Stainless Steel - Rubber Pedal Cover Set
Sun Visors - Removed Airbag Warning Labels - How to Remove - OCD Method to Remove Label
Disconnected Center Speaker. (Creates a much better sound stage)

Tint film with edgeless installation, 35 % All around.

Paint Protection:
Full PPF Wrap with Xpel Ultimate Plus
Ceramic Pro Coating on all exterior (except PPF), Glass, Grills, Trim, Taillights, Wheels, Calipers etc.

Based on my previous vehicles, I would expect to keep this for at least 8 years, which is why I went with Full PPF / Ceramic Coating. I want it looking as near mint as possible for the duration of ownership. I've never gone over the top with paint protection before on previous vehicles, but wish I had on my last one, it is a 2007 Infiniti G35 6MT Coupe, Laser Red with Black interior, fully loaded, and only has 120,000 KM's / 75,000 Miles (Pics: Taken in 2011 after I did a 2 stage paint correction). Although well taken care of, there's nothing you can do to avoid paint chips, and year over year they really add up, and a good repaint is expensive (Paint Chip Repair). IMO if you can afford it, spend the money to at least protect the front of the vehicle with PPF. I also went with Ceramic Coating of the exterior for anything that wasn't PPF'd for the added protection, ease of cleaning, and hydrophobic properties. I'll be using CarPro Reload (Review) on the PPF, and for the maintenance of the Ceramic Coating, for those that want to save time CarPro HydrO2 (Demo / Review) is an excellent option. For washing I'll be using CarPro Reset (Review).

BimmerCode: How to use BIMMERCODE: A Beginners Guide

To see screenshots of the Default Values for the Modules that I modified Click Here

My BimmerCode Easy Mode Settings:

Advanced Crash Safety Module:
Seat Belt Reminder Driver / Passenger Seat - Not Active
Seat Belt Indicator Driver / Passenger Seat - Not Active

Air Conditioning:
Air Conditioning Setting Memory - Active

Front Electronic Module:
Ambient Lighting Brightness decoupling from instrument cluster - Active
Angel Eyes Brightness - 100%
Shut Off iDrive System (Radio/Nav) When Driver Door is Opened - Active
Brake Force Display Type - Flashing
Brake Force Display Speed - 5 km/h
Brake Force Display Activation Brake Force - Hard
Comfort Closing with Remote Control - Active
Comfort Closing Start Delay - 1.5 sec
Headlight Washers - Not Active
Door Handle Lights when Reverse Gear is Engaged - Active
Unfold Mirrors with Comfort Opening - Active
Fold Mirrors with Comfort Closing - Active
Boot Lid Opening Delay - 1 sec

Maximum volume at start-up: 10%
Warning at Start-up - Disabled

Instrument Cluster:
Low Fuel Warning 2 - Not Active

Rear Electronic Module:
Brake Force Display Flash - 3 Times/Sec
Daytime Running Lights Rear - Active
Activate PDC While Rolling Backwards - Active

Photos are in order of timeline.

It was a beautiful sunny day today in Toronto, a little chilly, but not bad, and I got my wheels swapped. The 437m / 763m photos were taken today.


Full Xpel PPF - Ceramic Pro - Tint

Photos with Stock 437m Wheels

On The Lift

Photos with RW.763m Wheels
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