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Originally Posted by pruettfan View Post
The BMW IDrive user interface is excellent and if your someone who is very familiar with it your likely to prefer it to CarPlay. That is my situation. I have friends who are not familiar with the IDrive interface and therefore love CarPlay. To me its well worth the 300 bucks if for no other reason than resale. Many cars are coming with CarPlay and it is likely to be the standard in future years as automakers decide to spend less time trying to develop a unique user interface and instead rely on Apple and Google to do that for them.

It is not perfect or essential at the moment, but I recommend it for the future. The enthusiast who had a Honda Civic in school with CarPlay and now wants a used M car will definitely appreciate it. The version in the 2017's is one the first of the wireless versions which makes does make it more seamless. Most importantly, CarPlay will be the only part of the electronic interface that will be updated over time -- as mentioned, there is already an update with 10.3. Also remember that BMW's iDrive system has been developed extensively over time and is quite good -- in other vehicles, CarPlay is better than the factory system.