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Some say it's an opportunity to do something different in an ever changing media world. Some says it's about saving money by doing something low-key.

Its not generally the need to promote other ways but in today's society especially those that want to upend society the Automobile is
Being given its last rites.
This is not about the transition to Electric. They don't care. They know the ethical issues from Electric such as lithium mining and diesel generators that power charging stations are part of the problem they are anti-car and they promote it at every opportunity.

Protests,vandalism,violence this is now what manufacturers have to face at an autoshow. The IAA in Frankfurt is dead after last years incidents. They want to move elsewhere but Frankfurt has always been the perfect venue. Their antics killed it. 2019 was the worst year for the IAA in its modern history.

The recent Brussels show brought the same. As no doubt will Geneva.
Although in Brussels the public had enough, after the vandalism came the "die-ins" and in order to get their attention. Members of the public had to kneel across their throats.

As the evidence shows would you go through all this to represent your brand. Geneva will be interesting what with manufacturers now hiring extra security to prepare for the protests that are now inevitable.
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