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I used to have one in 2016. Well, I had 3 lol. Originally bought one for video production. Then it got stuck in a tree. So I ordered a 2nd one so I could still work while trying to get the first out out. Then DJI sent me a replacement one for free.

What I think happened was I had the return home height set too low. I started flying in a valley, at an elevation lower than the place it lost signal. So when it lost signal at a mountain, it went to it's return home height, which lowered it into the trees. I tied a weight to some fishing line to swing up there to try to get it out but was unsuccessful. Then some friends that work as tree trimmers for power companies joined in. They had the gear to hoist themselves into the tree, but weren't able to get it that was either. I think, after tons of attempts, we got it out with a weighted rope. Using the same method I tried with the fishing line, but with heavier rope.

I lost interest and sold them shortly after that. But looking at yours, they've come a long way tech-wise since.

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