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I should clarify, everything works. I just get a battery warning.
It's likely the SOLO2 keeping CAN alive, it should be cutting the device when power is switched off.

I would recommend contacting AIM to notify them of the issue, or possibly look into a 12V 2 channel relay to cut the CAN lines when ignition is off in the meantime if you want to leave the SOLO in the car. There's a ton of them on eBay that are relatively inexpensive.
Thanks for the tip on the relay. I put together a little project box today to handle the job. Consists of a 2 channel relay, a small power distribution block, and a couple 4 pin aviation jack's and plugs.

Power and ground come in from the car (power is switched with ignition) and go into pins 1 and 2 on the plug. The power and ground are routed to the distribution block, where they are passed to the other plugs pin 1 and 2, and also to both trigger channels on the relay.

CAN high and low come from the car to pin 3 and 4 on the plug, they are routed directly to the relay, each on their own channel. The other wire coming off each channel of the relay is routed to the other plug.

When the car provides power to the unit, it will both power the AIM unit, and provide a power trigger to the relay, effectively allowing the CAN high and low to complete their circuit to the AIM unit. When power disconnects, the CAN high and low circuits are disconnected.

Relay is a bit noisy (substantial click when powered up), but it works! At least on my bench with a multimeter. Will get the car side wired up soon to do some full testing.

Just need to wire the aviation plug in my car (already connected one to the aim unit) and it should be good to go.
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