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Originally Posted by ///AVM View Post
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Your right, which is odd because truth be told, If had the paper for a P car, I wouldn't be here..

Just staying in my lane..

But seriously, I hope you do get your hands on a CS and give us a thorough feedback, so I can at least live vicariously through your experience

You are fun

I have a P-car and I'm still here.

Car enthusiasts can appreciate all sorts of makes and models, whether owning one or another or none.

I try but I'm assuming that's sarcasm..

Anyways, I honestly wasn't even trying to imply anything about anyone in particular, just saying, me personally, if I had the means, my engine would be in the truck.

One sweet day..

What kind of P car you have BTW? I can't see your garage profile from the APP..
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