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Originally Posted by Viffermike View Post
Such bias on this forum ... well, that's what forums are for: semi-anonymous chest thumping and dry humping ... :: rolls eyes ::

The latest on upcoming 718 models:
- Base, S, T, and GTS (yes, GTS) will continue with a turbo flat-4
- GT4, Spyder, and to-be-announced 'Touring' variant have/will have an NA flat-6
- One more to-be-named variant will have an NA flat-6

Those of you who have driven a 718 and didn't like it: fair enough ... though I likely won't ever own another BMW because of my 718. (I've driven several flat-6 981s. Meh, in comparison. Sure, they sound great. I'd rather have the torque to outrun any 981 on a public road below 100 mph. Fair enough, eh?)

As for 981 resale prices: It's classic supply-and-demand, partially caused by the 718 shortage in the U.S. 718s have been haphazardly available here not primarily because of poor demand, but because of higher demand in other world markets, combined with a slew of other factors I won't get into here.

My advice, if you really want a 981 GTS: Wait a year. You'll save at least $10-$12k, if not more.
I would be very surprised if cars with similar mileage are $10-12k less in a year. I've looked at 981 GTS for 3 years now and the prices have held very steady, especially for cars that are built with the more desirable options/colors
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