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Let's Darken Those Windows

Let's Darken Those Windows

I'm behind on updates, sorry about that!

Back towards the end of October I got my windows tinted. Dark tint is *technically* illegal, but it's never enforced (remember, no real police to speak of) so I can get as low as like 5% all around and nobody cares. But, as we all know at night you literally can't see anything out of 5%, so I definitely didn't want to do that. So I was thinking 35-40%, but the salesman talked me into 20% because I guess he figured everyone wants tint as dark as possible right? So we left my car there only to get 4 blocks away and realize wait a minute, 20% is REALLY dark so I switched to 40%. The front windshield is 70%.

I originally found a place that used Konica Minolta, but once we got there it was Haverkamp. Apparently Konica Minolta has been having quality issues, so many tint shops have switched over to Haverkamp.

I ended up going with 70% front windshield and 40% side and rear, with Haverkamp's ceramic window tint.

On to the final results!

Overall I'm extremely happy! Although I probably should have gone with 35%, I'm fine with it being a bit see through. It's not so light that you can see everything, but not so dark that you literally can't see anything. Good enough for me!
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