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Car Washes - Oh how I wish I had a driveway

Car Washes - Oh how I wish I had a driveway

I really wish that I had my own driveway but unfortunately I live in an apartment tower and they reeally frown on trying to wash your car in their basement parking structure so there are a ton of self car washes that have popped up over the past few years! I generally go at night that way I don't have to wait or I don't feel rushed to finish.

Foam washes have become more popular so now at a lot of self car washes there is even a foam cannon option with a sprayer and everything - although I don't use it because I don't know what kind of soap it is... Most places will have an attachment where you can attach your own foam cannon to the pressure washer and use that, although I have the piece I need on order for this kind of pressure washer otherwise I'd use mine. For now, it's a simple bucket wash.

Self car washes also have underbody spray and some even have this "wax rain" but I don't use that. The main reason for using self car washes is the pressure washer and the vacuum cleaner, otherwise I bring all my own stuff with me!

I'm excited to get my foam cannon working, especially now that it's so cold it lessens the time my hands spend in a bucket of cold water LOL. I'll post in a week or two how the new attachment works out!
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