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Unfortunately the Boodmod site is very coy about this and doesn't disclose the newer M2C encryption issues. Repeatedly touting the "no need to bench flash" which is patently untrue for the newer models. As much as I want their tune the lack of clarity / disclosure is unsettling. And yes I've made them aware of this more than once and it is just ignored.
You're taking that far LMFAO They mentioned this here so many times and everywhere else like the facebook group. Its like a world wide known fact these days pretty much but whatever floats your boat
Actually, most "tuners" do obfuscate when you ask them about this OBD2/bootloader tune issue because they don't want to discourage potential customers.

I could think of one right now that gave me an unintelligible answer but clarified that it's only available via bench flash, when I pushed them in a corner. I won't put them on front-street because I know it's beyond their control.

If you can prove otherwise, please share.