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Originally Posted by Jason View Post
Trust is the ability to enjoy the journey. Listen in as Mariana Van Zeller talks to BMW technical product manager, Falk Schubert, on how BMW is creating a future you can trust with autonomous, self-driving vehicles. From driver assistance to continuous function testing, BMWs self-driving technology is at the frontier of driverless car development.

There has been and continues to be much confusion on autonomous driving technology. For reference, the NHTSA defines autonomous driving technology in five levels.

Level 5 means the vehicle is 100% able to travel from and to any destination or destinations, under all kinds of weather, under all kinds of traffic conditions, and in all situations WITHOUT the need of any input from the driver or occupant. Level 4 is able to do the same in MOST weather conditions, traffic conditions, and most situations, but not all.

For reference, we are at level 2 autonomous driving where the driver must remain alert, engaged and is responsible at all times, no exception. In level 2, a vehicle is able to stay in its lane, at a determined speed, change lanes, keep safe distance from vehicle ahead, and exit highway ramps without the need for input from the driver for a very SHORT and LIMITED amount of time.

We are very much far away from reaching level 4 or level 5 anytime soon. The challenges are much more complex, expensive, and bewildering than most people think to say the least. The technology is simply not here yet, never mind being ready and tested. This also does not include other factors such as red tape, infrastructure, insurance, changing current laws and motor vehicle regulations.

A good timeline estimation is that we won't see vehicles with Level 4 autonomy before the mid to late 2020's, and we won't reach Level 5 autonomy before 2030 or even the mid 2030's.

So for now, let us enjoy the concept of driving.
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