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So just north of the border we have a parliamentary system of government and a multi party system which is a curse and a blessing. In the recent election our re-elected PM won with about 34% of the vote. He is a liberal, a party that used to be in roughly the centre of the political spectrum. They have moved so far left over the past decade or two that the NDP which is a socialist party is almost indistinguishable from them, and then we have the Green Party who is well pretty socialist and really all about environmental issues, then we have the Bloc who are a Nationalist party in Quebec only, and openly and only advocate for that province and are way farther left than the Liberals. All this to say that about 60-70% of Canadians voted for a left or farther left leaning party in the last election. The blessing is it's a multi party system. If they every combined forces we'd be full on socialism in a decade. Early comments were correct, much of this nonsense is coming out of the school system starting in kindergarten and right through college and university. The teacher and professors are all unionized and the unions are pushing the agenda through education.

I've started posing the question to all of the left learners, when you get all the "free stuff" you're asking for and slowly getting now, then what? When the government is giving you everything, then what. Because it won't stop there, everyone will want fair and equal pay regardless of what they do, because if there are rich people then the playing field will have to levelled. And that is full socialism slipping into communism. Sounds like the sky is falling but look at Venezuela. A few short years ago a wealthy country and now you need to line up for government supplied toilet paper. Yup, it's free.

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