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Let's not forget that the 763M wheels weigh approximately 17 lbs less than the 788M wheels from the M2C. That is an easy way to save some weight.
Furthermore, remember that in Europe the 2NH "M Sport Brake" are optional. Standard brakes on base M2 and M2C = ± 16 kg / ± 35 lbs less weight:
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The 2NH "M Sport Brake" and the M Performance Parts "BMW M Compound Brake Discs of the BMW M Sports Brake System Red" are identical, except for the caliper color (silver for the 2NH and red for the MPP) (see Q&A here). The brake kit can be retrofitted on M2, M2 LCI and M2 Competition.

M2 Competition 2NH brakes feature the F8x carbon ceramic brake’s calipers (F&R) with 400mm/380mm steel rotors. And the F10 M5 standard brake’s front calipers are the same as F8x CCB front calipers.

Standard M2/M2C brakes (blue) (source: see here):
  • blue front caliper - 4.890 kg or 10.78 lbs
  • blue rear Caliper - 3.600 kg or 7.94 lbs
  • 380x30mm front rotor - 11.300 kg or 24.91 lbs
  • 370x24mm rear rotor - 9.300 kg or 20.50 lbs
    = 58.180 kg or 128.26 lbs
2NH M Sport Brakes (silver) - M Performance Parts Brakes (red):
  • silver/red front caliper - 7.540 kg or 16.62 lbs
  • silver/red rear Caliper - 4.310 kg or 9.50 lbs
  • 400x36mm front rotor - 13.870 kg or 30.58
  • 380x30mm rear rotor - 11.300 kg or 24.91
    = 74.040 kg or 163.23 lbs
Extra weight of the optimized silver/red brakes compared to the standard blue M2/M2C brakes = 15.86 kg or 34.97 lbs
In a recent BMWBlog podcast, BMW M CEO Markus Flasch said: "Bottom-line, the car is pretty much the same weight [...] The reason for the car being the same weight [as] the [M2] Competition is the additional stuff that we've put in." (listen here - it's told in the first part of the podcast + see here).
What are these additional things that make up the weight saved for the light weight parts of the car?