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Originally Posted by Mosely View Post
Regarding the lube thing, I meant just for adjusting the perches. A little degreaser afterwards to clean things up, agreed you don't want to attract dirt but it also doesn't matter once you're happy with height. Next time I take them off will be if they fail or when I sell the car/upgrade coils and KW even include the instructions on cleaning above the perch, then slide up and clean below, before making large adjustments. Thinking about it actually, I'd rather a little dirt stick to a non-moving part than rust develop.

Not sure why KW recommend removing to adjust, its quite easy once you get it moving to do it on the car and the only thing turning is the adjustment collar.

Edit: Here is the final stance, just a quick cell shot

Cheers for the comprehensive write up. made my V3 install a breeze, tinkering with my setup is a pain in the bum

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