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Originally Posted by CSBM5 View Post
After 6 runs at BMW CCA O'fest autocross, I can answer my own questions now. By the way, the Peachtree Chapter ran the autocross at the Michelin Proving Grounds, and they setup an outstanding, very well designed course. Kudos to them!

Coming off elements in 2nd gear, the car hooks very well (RE71Rs) and as boost builds and S55 torque comes on so strongly, it is surprisingly easy to modulate rear slip angle with deft throttle adjustment. Far easier than I expected. I had a real sense of the tail of the car and how much throttle to use/take away to keep acceleration at its maximum (just enough slip but not too much, etc). From my experience with the car on the 1/2 mile wet skidpad, I didn't expect it to respond so well in this manner.

So power modulation is decent, excellent in fact, and while street driving made me think it wouldn't have much lift-throttle response, on course it felt fine -- I was easily able to control front weight transfer with the throttle and manage front slip angles. Again, it exceeded my expectations.

I did manage to overcook some entries on a couple of runs, and was able to easily reign in the car, albeit losing time. Steering feedback seemed good to me in that I was able to tell what was going on up front fairly well, and under major trail braking and turning, I could feel what the tires were doing ok.

Overall, the car exceeded my expectations.

Now whether the M2C is required to be in A-street is a different question of course. It would have been nice to have arranged with an owner of a pure stock OG M2 6MT slicktop and with the guys running O'fest autox, to do a comparison between the two cars using the same wheels/tires off my car (OZ stock width/offset wheels with RE71Rs). I might actually have been able to arrange this for a Roundel article now that I think's so nice to have these great after-the-fact thoughts...
Sorry about the slow response, but glad to hear you enjoyed the car! Yes, I think it handles incredibly well (though it does eat up front tires at the limit pretty quickly), but it just doesn't have the pace to run in AS. I find that I get a bit of understeer with the car, and power modulation can be difficult in Sport Plus because it makes the pedal so sensitive. Still, nothing that can't be driven around.