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Originally Posted by F87source View Post
FD RX7 stock: no traction control
MR2: traction control was a jdm option only, I do believe it did make it onto the usdm versions but only late into production as an option only.
S2000: no traction control
Sti: you said smoothly in the rain, if it was anything like mine (GC8, Hawkeye, 09 gr, and a '16) those things understeer like crazy and never slid smoothly unless there was snow, even with the diff set to the rear. So you probably had crap tires.

Those cars probably slid easily since the rear wheel width and wheel base is alot smaller than the m2 making traction less, they were also alot lighter too.
It's not about traction control, I have it all off. And my tires were fantastic on the STi, Michelin Pilot Sports. Smooth as butter.

My Exige breaks away so smoothly you'd think that's what it was designed to do. And I'm a wheel/tire whore, I've had all manner of tires on the thing, A005 slicks, A048's, R888's, 71R's, AD08R's, and NT01's.

I full-on believe it's a design flaw with the BMW, reading all the posts about it, but I'm willing to reserve judgement until after I get a different set of tires.