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Hi guys please help.
I rang an official BMW UK parts provider and they were helpful and were willing to order parts in for me from Germany.

SO I initially gave them this part code: 62108090142

This was a good code he said, it would even let him order it on the system and was 980 thereabouts but he couldn't say what the part was on his screen as it did not tell him.

I then asked to search for M2 LCI guage clusters and he came up with TWO part numbers. One was 'until July 2018' the second was 'after July 2018'.

So, the 'up to July 2018' part code is: 62108097792


the 'after July 2018' part code is: 62108098269

Both were about 1100

I didn't want to take any more of his time as he was already being very helpful and obviously couldn't advise me which to order.
Clearly they must be MPH units and if you search the part numbers come across sites like this one but requires Czech to English translation via google.

The stock gauges are not cutting it for me and are a downer, they are not easy to read at all in the day time. I would get the IND kit but shipping is crazy for some reason >$300, hopefully Ryan will get back to me on this.

Can I go wrong ordering either part, as long as it's MPH and LCI right it can be coded in presumably?

Is 'After July 2018' the M2C guage maybe?! (and would that even matter)

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