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Originally Posted by alavigne View Post
For me it wasn't a value proposition (in fact in Canada, there's no discount for ED), it's an experience proposition.

Of course, I'm not sure what it would cost to rent from the Welt, say, an M2C 6MT for 2.5 weeks and for 5000 miles, in answer to the idea that renting from the Welt would be better.

(I say 5000 miles because that's exactly what I drove in my recent ED from last year).
I'm with you about the experience as that was great. It's just everything since. Paying most of the car in full in October and still stuck at the port (5+ weeks now) with no known end date will make me think twice next time. Add in property taxes for a car I don't have and things don't look good.

I guess will see how salty I am next time around about this experience and how this process ends up!

5k in a couple of weeks sounds awesome. That's a different story!