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Originally Posted by David@ActiveAutowerke View Post
We've spent the last few weeks designing our M2 exhaust and I'm happy to say that we've begun building our prototype. We put a lot of thought in to the exhaust design and wanted to build something that would be extremely functional without sacrificing aesthetics or sound quality.

  • Free flowing design
  • 100% Stainless construction
  • Retain all OEM chassis braces
  • Smooth sound
  • OEM Valve control
  • Flawless fitment
  • Quad tip design (we will be using our 90mm double walled brushed or black tips)

As stated above, we plan to keep the OEM valve motor, but with a twist! I can't release full details yet but we will be using the valve system. We will also be seamlessly mating our exhaust to our downpipe. The exhaust diameter will not shrink below 3.5" from the turbo back! The OEM downpipe (and all other aftermarket downpipes) taper down to a ~3" diameter pipe where the stock exhaust connects. Our downpipe will be modular, and will be sold with a straight 3.5" link pipe to mate to our Signature exhaust system or with an adapter pipe to connect to the OEM exhaust system. The idea is that when using our downpipe and full exhaust system, you will have a true 3.5" turbo back system with zero backpressure and high exhaust velocity!

Nice - will AA do a CBE dual outlet version to suit M235i ???? I hope so.....
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