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Originally Posted by M3 Adjuster
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I apologize for being so petty but if the engine doesn't get an "S" code, I don't want the M car. The 1M is the ONLY exception to that hard and fast rule. Let's see if they can catch lightning in a bottle twice. I will wait and see. The car looks to be great regardless of engine so I will wait for some comparos/reviews.
High standards from a person with a Toyota.

Guess you must have had your nose in the air and missed out on the 1M, so then you went and bought the " next best thing". At least you contradicted yourself by the end of your paragraph and decided to wait for comparos..
Hey genius, I've owned other cars. The GT-86 is just one more in a long line of 24 years worth. A damn good one too. If you'd even bother to read my signature or go into my garage on this forum you'd see I've owned 2 BMW's and the most recent was a 2011 M3 I owned for 3 years and ordered new. Try going in my garage next time before attempting to disparage LMAO. The only contradiction here is you because if you knew anything about cars you'd truly know I currently own the most critically acclaimed car in recent years. Yes, indeed it's a "Toyota", now whose nose is in the air...
I see you missed my earlier post stating that an M2 with a reworked N54 would be doable. I'm surprised a 1M owner like yourself would have missed that. Oh well, at least one of us does proper research.
In summary I didn't need a 1M when I HAD an may remove your foot from mouth.
Didn't research you and didn't have time to care. Sorry. Posting from my phone bro!

Your followup post does indeed make me appear to be a genius. If you can say that the ft-86 is an awesome car then what the hell does lacking an S motor designation in a BMW have to do with making a car good or bad ? It doesn't. Period.

I've owned an M car with an S14 ( so of course I am also familiar and was interested in the ft86 and yes it's a great car, an outstanding car in its pricepoint) and I have owned an M car that doesn't have an S motor. Heck the E36 didn't have a "true " S Motor in the US. Still a fantastic car.

I just don't understand the Internet forum practice of making declarative statements about something that doesn't even exist yet.
Deleted...not worth my time or energy.
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