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Originally Posted by tomwac View Post
Thanks guys, from what I read, the manual is:
- rubbery
- long throws and not as sporty as some internet reviewers make it be
- auto revving is irritating and can't be switched off (no, I'm not going to ask my wife to daily drive it in full hero mode)
- long clutch travel

which make the decision for the DCT a no brainer... yes, it's a very expensive option here, like 8% of the total cost of the car, but the plus side is that taxes will be much less as the CO2 goes down from 199 to 185, which compensates for a bit...I was just hoping that the manual would be a bit like the one in our GTI, short throws, very mechanical with a firm clunk, a joy to use, which it apparently is not... Thanks for the replies
the throw isn't overly long, but compared to the GT4 it feels long. i honestly think the GT4 has the best manual transmission i've ever used, so it's a tough act to follow. the m2 manual isn't bad at all