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Originally Posted by tomwac View Post
Thanks guys, from what I read, the manual is:
- rubbery
- long throws and not as sporty as some internet reviewers make it be
- auto revving is irritating and can't be switched off (no, I'm not going to ask my wife to daily drive it in full hero mode)
- long clutch travel

which make the decision for the DCT a no brainer... yes, it's a very expensive option here, like 8% of the total cost of the car, but the plus side is that taxes will be much less as the CO2 goes down from 199 to 185, which compensates for a bit...I was just hoping that the manual would be a bit like the one in our GTI, short throws, very mechanical with a firm clunk, a joy to use, which it apparently is not... Thanks for the replies
Based on my test drive of an M4, which supposedly has a MT indistinguishable from the M2 MT (my M2 test drive was with a DCT) I agree with these criticisms. Pedal stroke too long, pedal far too light, shifter throws too long and sits too high, with not enough engagement feel.

All those observations may mean nothing more than I'm a 20th century dinosaur, but so be it. I know how I like my sticks.

Accordingly, on the 23rd of this month, my shop will be installing in my by-then delivered 6MT M2 an Ultimate Clutch Pedal--which allows for shortening the stroke and increasing the pedal resistance--as well as a UUC short shift kit--which lowers the knob, shortens the shifter throw and gives engagement a more positive, bolt-action feel.

Reports from f80/82 drivers on the UCP have been positive, as has a report from a regular poster here on the UUC kit.

For anybody interested in these, I will post my impressions.