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Originally Posted by doug_999 View Post
I don't regret getting the manual. HOWEVER, I have to tell you, this rev matching thing is kind of irritating. I certainly wish I could disable it without putting myself at risk (sport +). In fact, I think they got it reversed, it should be ON in sport+ and off otherwise.

So... long story short, I find the manual in the M2 far from perfect (as noted, very light clutch, somewhat long throws, late take up on the clutch) and I still would order it again.
I'm not sure when excessive clutch travel became desirable. It's not like we have manual clutch adjustments anymore. There's an inexpensive clutch stop/bumper you can swap out the stock stop and get rid of the excess movement. I've adjusted but I always feel like I'm being lazy and depress just to the point of disengagement and rarely hit the stop. Modern transmissions almost make clutches secondary to shifting if you rev match.