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Originally Posted by ilovewagons View Post
I'm very happy with DKG. When the car has just started up and it's cold, the first shift, when the car engages gear has a lovely mechanical clack noise, which I love. It can be a little grouchy till it warms up, but I like that, too.

At WOT, in sport+, shifting from 1-2 will spin the wheels for at least a second, on one occasion, along with a sensation that your car has been rear-ended by a truck, further shifts at WOT will chirp the wheels. It's violent and mechanical, and I love it. I also don't get that annoying boost drop between shifts that I experienced in a manual. I don't think you need to worry about 15 customisable settings. ///M engineers have picked the best ones, you just enjoy driving the car, whatever transmission you choose.
Having brought up driving MT back from my 2002/320i/325is days, I contemplated long and hard as well between MT and DCT. At the end, I opted for DCT and have no regrets, especially when it's my daily drive through downtown traffic.

Luckily, my son's M240 just arrived and I was able to compare the two trans. Similar to the MT M3/M4's I've driven, I agree 1st gear's way too short on brisk accelerations.

As others have indicated, the DCT is well suited to the N55 turbo with no drop in boost between shifts. in Sports+, it's so intoxicating to be able to chirp the tires between 1st/2nd, and 2nd/3rd shifts. And the "secret" burb sound's present on the DCT as well.

You can't go wrong with either trans.