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I don't quite understand the logic of running 245/275 will net you more rear traction considering the 265/275 setup has the same rear rubber!

265/275 will be faster than 245/275, period. Shorter braking distance and less understeer is the pros of running 265 front.

You have a stage 1 tune so that really doesn't help with the corner exit oversteer on track. On the street that power level is pretty much useless you have at least 305 rear.

IMHO you better off selling those 763 wheels and get wider Apex wheels 9.5/10.5 and run 275/30 & 305/30 19. If you don't have the optional BBK than go back to 18 and run 275/295.

R tyres have a lot more sizes in 275 & 305 19

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