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thanks all for your input and Seat Time Rules yeh pretty much what you described. I'm used to relying on all wheel drive to scrabble out of corners so i can get on the throttle earlier...its just reprogramming my brain to how RWD Biased cars drive.. having said that.... i was able to reprogram my brain pretty quickly and ended up posting the 4th fastest time of the day in the sprint formats out of 50 cars and my car is bone stock and a whole bunch of other modified i did come to grips with the car pretty quickly

its just i feel with more power rear wheel traction will be an issue.

In australia our choices of R Compound Semi Slicks is pretty limited right now... and in the tire sizes i want.. I can either stay with the Michelin Cup 2s 245/265 combo... and up it to a 255/275 combo....... or go another brand which i have used before and i rate quite well which is the nanking AR-1 which I really like more

the cup 2s are great... but just a personal preference i like the AR1 more. So i have decided on option 2 which is 245 Fronts and 275 Rears to get a slightly bit more understeer Bias and then will use coil overs and suspension tuning to dial in the bias to my personal preference

i also did some further research and interestingly enough ... the tyre reviewer guy in the UK addressed this very question and concluded the combo he has recommended (255F & 285R) is pretty much the same combo ratio i am going for which is 245F & 275R .. i know its not quite that simple but yeh roughly there abouts

for those interested in the video here it is