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Originally Posted by Robbyjai View Post
thanks for the input thats what i suspected.. im use to dealing with understeer and trail braking into corners...and the M2 is very tail happy ... and i want to dial it out a little bit ... so it seems the 245/275 might be suitable
Kankles is runing option 1 (on 437s same dimension spec though) and he is lowered on camber plates. There is quite a bit of rub up front with parts of the fender liner gone.

Tires wouldn't hapen to be Federal 595 Pro whatevers?

I came from a MK3 Focus RS and it took me a while to adapt my driving style. M2C is more of a slow in fast out car than an AWD car. The extra power wont be doing you any favours in learning how to modulate the power. If you have boot mode I would adjust the TQ by gear to a point where you dont overload the rear tires.

Another option is 265/35 all around, then you can have your tires rotated to extend their life a bit and it should have a more neutral atitude.

Also I would get an alignment if its never had one. Rear toe seems to affect oversteer a lot on these cars.
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