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All my track experience is in RWD cars, but I drive with the local Audi Club quite a bit and have watched several friends adjust from AWD to RWD over the last few years.

You can’t get on the throttle as eagerly and early in RWD as you’ve been able to get away with in your AWD cars. It feels slow to be patient with throttle until you have the steering wheel pointed more or less straight ahead, but that’s part of the learning curve as you transition to RWD, regardless of what tires you’re running.

Are these tires for your 763m wheelset, or is the 9/9.5 wheelset something else you plan to use on track? 763m should be 9/10.

In any case, 265/35 will probably require some massaging of your wheel liners, and is also a bit wider than ideal on a 9" wide wheel, so I’d probably go 245/275 for minimal fuss and better steering response.

From a handling perspective on stock suspension though, I enjoyed square wheels and tires for the improved turn in and mid-corner balance, so could see a good argument for 265/275 getting closer to a more balanced feel.

All that said, semi-slicks only last a few days, so maybe give them both a try and report back.