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245 Fronts 275 Rears

Hi Guys

I am hoping someone with a bit more knowledge and experience might be able to answer this question ...

A bit about my set up...

i recently got a BMW M2C. I've got the BMW 763M wheels on my car with the 6 Piston M performance BBK ..

Wheels - 19x9 Fronts and 19x9.5 rears.
Tires - 245x35 Front and 265x35 rears
Currently running the Micheling Pilot Cup2

I track my pervious cars a lot however my knowledge is based on an AWD car and its inherent nature and tuning accordingly.

The challenge I have is choices of 19" Semi Slicks are a bit limited here in Australia.

I have found a semi slick compound I like but I can only get either one of the following set ups

Option 1
Rims - Same as above (19inches)
Tires - 265x35 (F) and 275x35 (R) an almost square set up

Option 2
Rims - Same as above (19inches)
Tires - 245x35 (F) and 275x35 (R) an almost square set up

Now my question is ... should i go the Option 1 set up... or Option 2...

The car as most of you know has a tendency to over steer and spin up the rear wheels.

My Car is still stock except for stage 1 Tune. I intend to do modifications bit by bit to get some reference time laps per mod to see the effect of each modification and improvements

I am leaning towards option 2 as I suspect that will help me dial out some of the over steer tendency (will do suspension mods later)

Can anyone shed any light on whether they think option 1 or 2 is better and why

looking for people who have this set up or have experience in this type of set up for an RWD Car as my experience is in AWD Cars